Dr. Michael Hyman MD

L.A. SEXUAL HEALTH with Dr. Michael Hyman (Top YELP reviewed urologist in L.A.!) offers state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of male sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction, Peyronies disease, and low testosterone to name a few. Following his M.D. degree and Urologic training at Cornell University-New York Hospital in New York City, Dr. Hyman has been practicing for over 15 years in Los Angeles, where he serves as Chief of Urology at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center. In addition to Gainswave, Dr. Hyman is a certified P-Shot provider. Following your consultation with Dr. Hyman, you will receive a full "VIP/ Concierge" level of care, including access to 24/7 text/cell communication. For consultations, we acccept most insurance and if we don't, you will not be charged.

At L.A. SEXUAL HEALTH, we believe in a full comprehensive evaluation prior to initiating any treatment. Dr. Hyman believes that all patients deserve a complete understanding of the physiology of their condition. When indicated, Dr. Hyman personally performs an Ultrasound duplex Doppler study in the office, which allows him to visualize the penile arteries and acquire tracings of the actual blood flow both into and out of the erectile chambers or copora cavernosa. In additional to imaging diagnostics, it may be necessary to check hormonal blood levels, including Free and Total Testesterone and, when necessary, FSH, LH and Estradiol levels.

L.A. SEXUAL HEALTH strives to avoid long term medication for their condition. Therefore, we employ a variety of non-medical based techniques including low intensity pulsatile sound wave treatment, also known as GAINSWave and platelet enriched plasma treatment, also known as P-Shot. All patients undergoing GAINSWave treatment are provided with a top rated rechargeable vacuum erection device, the RENEGADE Powerpump, as well as short and long acting forms of medication similar to viagra and cialis, all of which will aid in the restoration of blood flow throughout the duration of their treatment and are included with the purchase of a course of GAINSWave treatment!